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Life Coaching

Complimentary Coaching Consultation

•60 to 90 minute "Is your life Balanced" first session

•One 30 to 90 minute phone call per week (session length depends on which coach and which program)

•Unlimited Email support

•Occasional brief check-in calls


Helping you learn how to relax your mind, sharpen your concentration, and generally begin feeling more energized and refreshed. We will ne using new tools for dealing with stress, anxiety, and problems. Meditation will help you to overcome negative states of mind such as anger and jealousy, and to cultivate positive minds such as patience and love.


Address any symptoms of medical conditions you may be exhibiting and may arrange a session around those symptoms, but unlike prescriptive medicine, it is a holistic form of treatment. The aromatherapy session would include aromatic blends and techniques that is designed to enhance the overall sense of well being.
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